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Swami Chandrasekaran (@swamichandra) is an IBM Distinguished Engineer in IBM Watson. He is responsible for the technology strategy, architecture, incubation, and development of Enterprise AI solutions & accelerators. He leads the engineering & development for an organization that works with various clients to incubate the adoption of the Watson platform by leveraging AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and data science principles. He is also an IBM Master Inventor and has received 20+ awards for this work.

Prior to his current role at IBM, his team worked with several customers in 25+ countries in the areas of OSS/BSS transformation, Cloud Service Broker, Cloud Storefronts, Digital Media Supply Chain, Mobile Payments, Smart Metering, Real-time Campaigns.

He has also previously worked at Webify Solutions (acquired by IBM), KPMG, BearingPoint and Ericsson Research. He holds a Masters in Electrical Engineering from UT Arlington and has filed around 15+ patents. He is also passionate about music mixing and you can listen to his work at http://reverbnation.com/basscurry

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  1. U N P Gangadhar Raju says: Reply

    Hi Chandu
    This is UNP Gangadhar Raju from Hyderabad…..your data is very much informative…..currently i am studying the concepts of Data warehousing & Data mining……..i like the way of data scientist……if you have some materials please pass it to me.

    thank you

  2. I am impressed with your article (Becoming a Data Scientist – Curriculum via Metromap)

    I want to follow you in linkedin.

    May I get your e-mail? 🙂

  3. Thanks for the metromap! I have been looking for a Data Science program to do. Any recommendations based on your knowledge. I dont want to start any degree program. I have been in the Data integration world for yesterday and I have a Master’s degree. Not interested in another master. Wont mind taking a boot camp program

  4. Great metromap, I love it, I am building a career track at my firm for new Data Scientists, this is a very beautiful and easy way to view and explain it.

  5. The article (Becoming a Data Scientist – Curriculum via Metromap) was an anwser to lot of question and narrated in an awesome way . I want to follow you in linkedin. May I get your e-mail? or

  6. Sandeep Kumar says: Reply

    Hi Swami
    I found your link through data science forum on coursera.
    I am doing some courses there to learn various aspects of data science. (by Jeff Leek of Johns Hopkins)
    I would like to use the training map (which is excellent) in my mentoring to other people.
    Eagerly awaiting next version where you provide links for learning/ practising/ further resources on topics.
    Also going to look you up on twitter where I can follow you.
    Best wishes

  7. Juan Murillo says: Reply

    Hey, thanks for posting this road map

    I from Venezuela, and working since 6 months with “big data”.

    See you !

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