About Me

I’m a Managing Director in KPMG’s AI Innovation & Enterprise Solutions. I lead & drive the architecture, technology & creation of AI + Emerging Tech offerings. I also drive innovation initiatives & incubation efforts, both internally and externally working with clients.

I’m well adept at creating environments that foster innovation, collaboration, and risk-taking. I have led the incubation and creation of several complex AI solutions. These solutions have solved a wide range of problems in areas such as Tax & Audit, Industrial Automation, Aviation Safety, Insurance Claims, Field Service, Multimedia Enrichment, Social Care, Digital Marketing, AI enabled RPA, M&A, KYC etc. Several of these have been subsequently deployed and resulted in positive business outcomes.

Previously, I spent 12 years at IBM including Watson and rising to the rank of an IBM Distinguished Engineer. As a CTO, led an organization that drives innovation and also create + incubate AI solutions & patterns. The solutions were leveraged ML/DL, NLP, advanced analytics, as well as Cloud and IoT capabilities with clients globally.

Prior to Watson at IBM, I worked with several customers in 25+ countries. I led efforts in the areas of OSS/BSS transformation, Cloud Service Broker, Cloud Storefronts, Digital Media Supply Chain, Mobile Payments, Smart Metering, Real-time Campaigns.  I also previously worked at Webify Solutions (acquired by IBM), KPMG, BearingPoint and Ericsson Research.

I did my Masters in Electrical Engineering from UT Arlington and filed around ~20 patents. I get invited to speak at a lot at events and do guest lectures to graduate level classes in Analytics & Machine Learning. I’m a chronic learner and I also teach middle school kids programming & data science.

When I find the time, try to write at http://www.nirvacana.com and @swamichandra. Avid gamer and also mix music which you can hear at http://www.reverbnation.com/basscurry.